About Us

About Us:

Welcome to BIZINN Household Epilators!

At BIZINN, we are committed to providing you with state-of-the-art and high-quality household epilators that help you achieve smooth and refreshed skin effortlessly. Our team of dedicated professionals has designed and opened this revolutionary hair remover with an ergonomic look to cater to your hair removal needs.

Safety and Effectiveness:

Our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology ensures a highly safe hair removal process within the comfort of your home. By directly interrupting the hair growth cycle, our epilator effectively reduces hair regrowth, slows down hair growth speed, and expands the area of hair loss. The professional design inspired by beauty salons can now be experienced in the convenience of your own home.

Cool Feel Technology:

We understand the importance of a pleasant hair removal experience, which is why our BIZINN IPL Epilator incorporates ice sensing technology. During the hair removal process, the device cools your skin to a refreshing 10 degrees Celsius, ensuring your skin remains protected without any burning sensation. No gel is needed, making it suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin.

Durable and Customizable:

With an impressive 990,000 flashes, our epilator ensures long-lasting use without the need for bulb replacements. The large LCD screen displays the remaining flash times, making it easy to keep track of usage. You can choose from 5 adjustable levels of intensity, allowing you to customize the treatment for different body parts. For beginners, we recommend starting with the lowest level and gradually increasing as needed.

Automatic and Manual Modes:

Our IPL Epilator offers both automatic and manual modes, catering to various hair removal needs. The automatic mode is perfect for treating larger areas, while the manual mode provides precise treatment for smaller or more delicate areas, such as the mouth, fingers, and more. It also features 4 dedicated output modes to accommodate different body surfaces, making it suitable for use on arms, legs, bikini lines, back, chest, fingers, face, beard, and more.

Compact Design and Excellent Service:

Our epilator's compact design allows for easy storage and portability, ensuring convenience and flexibility for use anytime, anywhere. The set includes the epilator body, an AC adapter, protective glasses, and a shaver, all crafted to enhance your hair removal experience. Additionally, a comprehensive Japanese instruction manual is included for your convenience. While the warranty time is 1 year, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns through the "Order history" → "Contact Seller" page.

Experience the innovation and effectiveness of BIZINN Household Epilators, and embark on a journey to achieve permanent hair loss and beautifully smooth skin. Thank you for choosing BIZINN - your trusted partner in effective and gentle hair removal solutions.

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